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A message from our Chairman

 Dear Players, parents and spectators,

 Little league football has been postponed now for 5 continuous weeks since half term. The council forced us not to play on 2 of those weeks week when conditions would have allowed, but on the other 3 occasions cancellations were absolutely necessary due to waterlogged pitches.

 We want everyone to rest assured that we are doing everything we can to get everyone back to playing football as soon as possible, but recent conditions have been dire. Our pitches are very poor draining and promises given in the past by the council to improve the situation haven’t been acted upon. The council have this week agreed to mark up a 2nd seniors pitch in a better draining position and we are exploring methods to improve drainage on other playing areas.

 We are a fully inclusive organisation that offers low cost football to players of all standards. We desperately want to get everyone back and playing ASAP and hope that these latest efforts with the council will enable that this weekend - fingers crossed!

 We are also trying to arrange meetings with senior executives at the council so they can better appreciate what we offer to the community and how important we are to so many every week. Hopefully this will result in us getting the focus on true local grass roots football and may even result in improved facilities and reduced costs. I will keep you informed.

 Yours faithfully

Lee Murphy


Selsdon Little League   


Is football on?

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When wet, snowy or icy weather is forecasted there is always a chance of games being postponed.

We will always try to get the matches on if the pitches are deemed safe and playable.


A pitch inspection will usually be held on the Saturday morning so the decision to call off matches can sometimes be made at very short notice.

It is not always possible to update any announcements regarding match postponements on the website straight-away but they WILL be made immediately on our social media platforms so please click on the links below to Like or Follow us on Facebook, Twiiter and Instagram to stay updated.

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